Employee Documents & Policy Development

Employee Documents and Policy Development

In a challenging political and economic climate, legislation can be prone to change at an alarming speed and regularity. In order to protect the safety, integrity and reputation of employees, as well as themselves, employers must ensure they are meeting legal requirements and keeping up to date with all amends and changes.

Whether you are starting a new business, expanding into new areas, or simply need a ‘check and refresh’, Helen can assist in ensuring that the appropriate and legally compliant employment documents and policies are in place.

Starting with a review of your existing documentation, Helen will identify areas of concern and make recommendations. She can then develop and implement bespoke contracts and policies to meet the exact requirements of your business and your employees.

Employee documentation and policy development can cover many areas and these will vary depending on the type, size and nature of your industry sector and business. You may need help with the legally required disciplinary and grievance policies or a specific staff handbook that is more friendly and relaxed in style. Whatever the area, Helen will walk you through the process, provide easy to understand documents and give advice on how to communicate them to staff and embed them into your organisation.

Many organisations are now developing their own volunteering policies so that they can evidence corporate social responsibility.  Other popular requests include policies on Social Media Use, Mobile Phone Use, and Absence Management.

Call or email today to discuss documentation and policy development options that will suit your business.

Employee Documents and Policy Development in Carlisle, Cumbria