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National Skills Academy Nuclear Case Study

  • Sector: Nuclear
  • Number of employees: 16
  • Location: Cockermouth, Cumbria
  • Website:

The National Skills Academy Nuclear (NSAN) is a membership organisation that "improves the performance of companies in the nuclear industry through collaboration and action on skills". Established in 2008, the organisation has an office in Cumbria and Warrington with operational managers also located out in the regions. They work with a range of national service providers.

Kaveney HR Solutions was first contracted by NSAN in 2010 and has been working with them ever since.

The team at NSAN had been working with a national HR provider who worked at distance and dealt with everything over the telephone. As a result, the organisation was being reactive rather than proactive when it came to HR matters. After a process review it was decided that they would benefit from a more hands on, personal service that was bespoke to the business. A Senior Director had worked with Sue previously in another role and it was felt that her personality and skill set would be a great fit. She had also come highly recommended from other industry professionals.

NSAN contract Kaveney HR Solutions on a retainer basis meaning that they have access to professional and expert advice, on the other end of a phone and in person, year-round. As part of her role Sue ensures that all policies and procedures are up to date. All documentation is assessed and reviewed every 2 years.

Sue is on hand to deal with all areas of HR (including training when required) but offers much more than just advice. Senior Managers have described her as their 'sense check' offering a balanced view and guiding them through complex HR decision-making processes. She offers alternative solutions and new ways of doing things, lays out several possible outcomes and allows the team to make their own decisions, which are ultimately right for their business.

Thanks to the ongoing and long-term relationship, Sue really understands the organisation's values and culture. She is able to deal with issues as and when they arise and any problem solving required is dealt with quickly and effectively because of her comprehensive knowledge of the business and the people within it.

Sue brings a wealth of HR experience to the business and as a result of her involvement the team can take a longer-term view, strategically plan for the future and embed practices and behaviours into the organisation. With Sue on board, the team at NSAN feel confident that any HR issue will be met with an effective resolution.

Working with Sue has enabled us as a business to focus on what we are good at, knowing that in the background there is someone who will help us maintain our required high standard of care to our staff at all times. We trust her judgement and work ethic when we really need it. Sue has exceeded our expectations as an HR professional. I would certainly recommend Sue to any business requiring HR help, sense or clarity.

Nick Cusick Finance Director/Company Secretary, National Skills Academy Nuclear
A new era for Kaveney HR Solutions


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Sunday, 23 January 2022

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