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Driving License Checks - Are you compliant?


I've recently seen an increase in the number of conversations about Driving License checks and the uncertainty about how to fully check an employees ability to drive. Surely, if you have a copy of their photocard driving license that shows they can drive? Actually, NO! Call me suspicious, but it is possible for an individual to present a photo...

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Is your conscience clear in HR practices?


As an HR professional adhering to my industry's code of conduct and ethics, honesty and fairness are really important to me. No more so than when it comes to supporting employers with their people matters. Throughout my HR career, my style has been described as 'Firm but Fair'. My starting point is very often asking myself 'Is my conscience cl...

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Employee Benefits - Healthcare Cash Plans


With recruitment and cost of living a challenge for employers to manage, I've recently seen an increase in employers introducing a 'Healthcare Cash Plan' for their employees as a means of providing additional benefits for employees without adding additional cash directly to pay. A Healthcare Cash Plan is a low cost benefit which allows an employee ...

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Dawson Kaveney HR celebrates 15th anniversary

An image of Helen Dawson and Sue Kaveney

Dawson Kaveney HR celebrates its 15th anniversary today! Whilst we celebrated our first year of trading under the new name recently, the roots of the business can be traced back to 2008, when it was originally founded by Sue Kaveney as Kaveney HR Solutions. In 2022, Helen Dawson took over the business and has since led the company to new heights, w...

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Top 5 HR essentials for employing a member of staff


Too often I see employers without the absolute HR essentials when employing a new member of staff. As a result, this can leave businesses open to expensive legal action and the inability to manage employees effectively. With just a few steps – you can avoid these headaches! Working as a HR Consultant with businesses in Cumbria and across the UK giv...

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My First Year as an HR Consultant in Cumbria


 Well, here we are 12 months in as a HR consultant, and what a year it has been! One of the things I can say for sure is that I've never looked back. There's been highs, some lows, plenty of challenges, and of course a few funny stories too! As an HR consultant in Cumbria, I'm constantly amazed by people - the good and the bad - and it's one o...

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Dawson Kaveney HR is open for Business!


As we welcome in the new year and Sue and I embark on our new ventures, I'm excited that Dawson Kaveney HR is now officially open for business! We're in the process of updating the website so please bear with us and you'll see a revised version very soon!  Thanks in advance to those who are supporting the changes from the design and techn...

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A new era for Kaveney HR Solutions

20th-Dec-Sue-and-Hele_20211221-082301_1 Takeover day!

Important changes to Kaveney HR Solutions Limited… I am delighted to share with you some changes to Kaveney HR Solutions Limited. My trusted friend and colleague Helen Dawson will be taking over the business in January as I pursue an exciting opportunity (more on that later!). The business has been a passion and driver for me for the past 13 years ...

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